Meet The Maker

Hi, I’m Krista, Owner and Creator of She the Bee!

I am a nature and botanical enthusiast with a passion for creating embroidered pieces and patterns. I am inspired by moody neutrals and earth tones, and fueled by coffee and sunshine. I love to draw, photograph, stitch, and teach embroidery to others. 

For me, embroidery is a moving meditation.

A place to clear my mind.

As I settle into the rhythm of the stitches sometimes my thoughts will turn to dreaming up new designs, new colour palettes, new ways of stitching. It's my reward at the end of a busy day. 

My shop name came to be from a little happy memory I have with my children. One summer day we happened upon a tired and weak little honey bee. Motivated to help and also to inspire my children to learn the importance of these incredible creatures, I offered her some sugar water. Imagine our happiness to see her lap it up and begin to buzz her little wings! As she flew away, I asked what we should call our little friend, to which my son replied “She the Bee”. I hear his excited little voice and think of ‘our’ bee every time I pick up my needle and thread!

I am truly passionate about and grateful for this art form. Each design and piece is created from start to finish by me, with love.